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Photo Posing; Putting your best side forward: Do you know your best angles for photos or video?

Angles and Lighting: Every photo or selfie may look different of you because of angles or lighting. I've spent so much time worried about a bad photo when really the ANGLE or LIGHTING was poor.

I'm here to tell you that there's a great photogenic pose for everyone! Let's find your best angel!!

The trick is, everyone has different amazing features and their perfect photo pose needs to have its own unique angels. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice changing your bod and chin positioning. Look in the mirror at your jaw line, neck, color bone, cheek bones and find the sides of yourself you love the most. Observe the way light hits different parts of your face and body. The parts we like, we push towards the light in the photo. For example; If you like your side profile, turn that jaw line to the light. Avoid square boxy body stances. Try to relax the shoulders and elongate the torso.

Tip #1 - Always have good lighting

Light can make the best photo in the world trash!! Natural glow lighting from a window is the best lighting to take selfies or any picture of yourself.

Stand in front or to the side of the window in the morning or late afternoon and play with the light. Light tends to look best when it's in front of you (but not overly harsh light).

Tip #2 - Elongate Torso

Make sure your core is engaged and elongate your back. You will look tall, confident, and your posture will look A+. (Grandma said stand up straight)

Tip #3 - Feeling Awkward? Practice.

If you want to get those best looks, just practice at home with your phone camera. Set up the camera in the same place but change the height. Take several photos of yourself. Review each photo and find your best looks. Change your pose but try to keep that natural pose. The more you practice, the less awkward you'll feel.

Tip #4 - Make sure you feel your best!

Put on those new shoes. Bring out the cute shirt. Do all the things that give you confidence. When you look good, you feel good and it always shows on camera!!

For more tips and industry tricks...

I am currently working one on one with those who are looking to discover their best side! Working with me will not only include posing coaching but also model consultations, photo shoots. and other opportunities.

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