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Medieval times called for Medieval crimes

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Nothing is more fun than developing a character and making it come to life with a team of talented creative individuals. Meet Joy Kicking Ass and Taking Numbers Jewell.

How to make a vision with purpose come to life!

As not only a model but, an executive producer, the first most important part of giving life to a vision is selecting the appropriate team/talent. There should be a synergy between hair, makeup, styling, photographer, and designer to create a badass character/image. After planning and shooting, all of our hard work came to life and I was immensely satisfied with the final images.

Washington, D.C. Fashion Week

The purpose of this shoot was for accessory designer, Erika Evans who launched her new line at DCFW. These images were used for branding and marketing. Since the purpose of each shoot maybe different, keep in mind

  • Target Audience

  • Mood/Tone

  • Format

Peep 👀 my black pinky nails, those are actually rings. 😍 Shout out to a great team and sucessful production.

Production team

Photographer- Arielle Lewis

Hair - Erika Evans

Accessory Designer- Ejeint Designs

MUA -Courtney McCormick

Executive Producer/Model- Joy Jewell

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