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I am an all around entertainer working as a host/mc, model, musician, actor, and on-air personality. I have traveled the country hosting events such as Rucker Park, Youtube channels, talk shows, and more. I am published in dozens of magazines, and the face of many branded campaigns advertisements. I can be seen in many television shows such as “For My Woman”, “Copy Cat Killers”, and “Dead of Night” as well as the movie Wonder Woman 1984. My music can be heard on all streaming platforms and my music videos can be seen on YouTube. I am continuing to work in arts in entertainment as a full time talent, producer, and creative force in the industry.

Height: 5”7

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Hazel Brown


Location: Washington DC, LA, NYC

About Me


Broken Exchange Uncoded | Short | 2021

Special Agent Kelly


Sacrifice Versus Reward | Short | 2021

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Punk Rocker #4

Wonder Woman | Feature Film Extra | 2021

Special Skills

 American Sign Language Interpreter

Fighting choreography MMA




Dead of Night | Ep.The Graveyard Shift | 2018

 Gone | Ep. Devil Among Us | 2017

Young Lynda

For My Woman | Ep.Collier/ Dulcio | 2017​



StiloBrush | Rock Paper Breath | 2021

Bad Breath babe

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Supporting Actress

Pepi Gel | Project Name | 2023​

Copycat Killers | Ep.Talented Mr. Ripley/ American Psyco | 2016

Daughter-in-law / Bikini Babe


Brandon Walsh | My mom got me drunk with her 20 year old friends | 2020

Self-Joy Jewell

Brandon Walsh | I went on a date with my mom's best friend | 2020

Self-Joy Jewell

Jen The Body Painter | Model Goes on Tinder Date Wearing ONLY BODY PAINT!| 2020​

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Self-Joy Jewell

Jen The Body Painter | Blacklight- I had a GLOW IN THE DARK party!| 2020

Self-Joy Jewell

Music Videos

JChris | Hasta Abajo (official Music Video) | 2021

Lead Actress

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